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Practice Tips

Document Traps
Social Security Numbers and document retention issues can be traps unless you are careful. If you collect social security numbers or other personal indentifying information on you clients, your policies need to take account of Sections 35.48, 35.58 and 35.581 of the Business and Commerce Code. Go here for a more information.

From State Bar Law Practice Management Program:
Want to start a law practice or improve your practice? The State Bar Law Practice Managemen Program has plentiful resources. These have now been indexed in one of the easiest to navigate sites you are likely to see in this area. Go here, and browse.

And from the Council:
- Have a resume
- Set up a website
- Develop your "elevator speech"
- Produce a brochure
- Send thank you cards to all your existing clients for their work this year.
Send the webmaster your practice tips. We will publish the best ones.

Email -- argghh
Here's a tip. Open four new folders in your email program. Label them Projects, Immediate (or next) Actions, Reference, and Read Later.If an email has to do with a project that requires more than one action, put it in Projects. If the email has to do with the very next physical action you need to take, whether it's part of a project or not, put it in Immediate Actions. If an email does not have to do with an action but is information you will need later, put it in Reference. If you want to read it but don't have time right now, put it in Read Later. Everything else gets read immediately or thrown away and the Inbox gets emptied. Got more categories that are really useful than just these four? OK, but not more than three more.


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